Turquoise Couch

Work with

8 week group

Meet like-minded Christians who face the same challenges and grow together in a confidential setting. Upon completion, it is possible to go deeper with four 1-1 private sessions


In the 8 week group, you will achieve 4 major milestones and learn the keys to consistency  

12 week 1-1

The program allows for personalised support, guidance and accountability, while allowing the time and space to go deeper into root causes


In this program, you will achieve 6 major milestones and develop lasting food freedom



Mid-week Christ centered watchfulness practice plus a Q&A support group is available throughout programs

Box of Cookies


Follow a step by step process to food freedom

Not have to give up any of your favourite foods

Embrace a long-lasting weight management approach

Feel normal & understood

End your search for answers to the 'All
or Nothing'

Put yourself first without guilt

Learn how to disconnect from work and live consistently in the presence of God

Marble Surface

WHO IS the chocolatey truth FOR?

It is for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with Jesus and prioritise Him above all else


It is for those who are ready to ditch diet mentality and learn what works for them individually

It is for anyone who wants to build a healthy relationship with food and learn new techniques to manage their emotions

It is for anyone who is ready to do the work to see long-lasting change

It is not for you if you are looking for  meal plans to follow

 it is an anti-diet & body positive 

"At last I have found a sustainable way to be friends with food"

As someone who suffered from the 'The Seesaw Effect' for most of my life, I had tried every method on earth to “control” it – most of which have attacked the behaviour (the eating) with no thought given to why I had the issue. With Tracy’s programme it has given me real insight into the ‘root cause’ and allowed me to truly reflect on all the various facets of me that make up this behaviour. This programme is so enlightening; the content is robust in that it approaches from so many different angles and contains concepts that I had never considered before. Overall, this is an innovative formula that has helped me heal my struggle with food

- L.W.