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The Chocolatey Truth has been strategically designed to put a stop to the 'all or nothing' exhausting diet seesaw. It uncovers the multitude of hidden factors driving it, while also getting to the source of the issue that keeps you constantly shifting between these two extremes.

It dispels lies, reveals truths, releases shame, and provides clear cut solutions to bring you into a place of balance, rest, trust and consistency with food.

The Principles of Change


Self-connection and self-awareness through  mindfulness meditation is the foundation upon which 'The Chocolatey Truth' sits on. 


Your emotional eating style as well as fun exercises and experiments (using transformational coaching techniques) exposes the underlying drivers of 'The Seesaw Effect'. No talk therapy involved. 

Let Go

With barriers exposed, you will be able to let go of habits, behaviours and feelings that result in eaters remorse. 


 Crushing cravings, learning to automatically think before eating, conquering mental hunger and creating a life full of satisfying choice are some of the critical components that will move you quickly towards a balanced peaceful with food.

This framework is integrated into the major milestones of programs